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19 Oct 2020

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Zoom video conferencing app become the most downloaded app, it breaks the record
zoom top downloaded app
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Zoom video conferencing app become the most downloaded app, it breaks the record 

Zoom the video conferencing app becomes the top downloaded app and it breaks the records of other social apps. After the coronavirus pandemic outbreak since March, the whole world was under lockdown. Everything was closed. Neither offices, neither meetings, neither schools. Zoom takes the position of the new video conferencing trend to connect with people or arrange office meetings or school university lectures. The video-conferencing application Zoom skyrocketed and broke the record at app stores just in one quarter.

Zoom top downloaded app globally. it also broke the record of most popular Chinese app Tik Tok. From April 2020 through July 2020, Zoom was downloaded from App Store 94 million times ’40 percent more than TikTok. The previous record of 67 million downloads according to the data provided by analytics firm sensor tower.

zoom top downloaded the app

Other social media platforms including Instagram Facebook, YouTube, Google Meet, Messenger, Netflix, WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams rounded out the top 10 for the App Store. However, according to records till date Zoom app was downloaded 303 million times during CoViD-19 on both App Store and Google Play Store.

Zoom made highest download numbers:

Zoom application received its highest downloads from India as Zoom was installed 68 million times in India and 41 million times in the US. It is breaking records, in fact, the record for TikTok which is quite famous among the younger generation. The record of the highest download on apple was broken by TikTok in Q1 this year with 67 million downloads.
Earlier, India banned the popular Chinese app Tik Tok due to unavoidable circumstances.
There is no comparison between the Tik Tok and zoom. Both the applications being completely different from each other have made some spectacular records.


How much revenue did zoom announce?

Zoom in June announced that its revenue surpasses 169 percent to $328.2 million in Q1 from a year earlier. The data has indicated that the utmost global downloads for applications has also been record-breaking as 37.8 billion downloads have been in the previous three months. Out of this, Google Play Store witnessed 28.7 billion downloads. and Apple’s App Store accounted for 9.1 billion downloads in Q2 this year 2020.

Moreover, this platform is recommended for video conferencing easily. Zoom is a great and popular choice for web conferencing, with over 1 million participants every day. It also provides several opportunities to communicate better with your team on a regular basis.

Zoom Beat Tik Tok

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