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25 Nov 2020

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Youtube update, Youtube music app for android and IOS with the latest version
Youtube update for android and IOS with the latest version
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Youtube update, Youtube music app for android and IOS with the latest version 

Youtube update, the company has made a design change that has brought the comment bar on top of the Up Next feed. According to a blog post by Google, with the latest update, more people are interacting with the YouTubers by writing comments.

Google has started passing out the latest update for the YouTube app on both Android and iOS phones. Earlier company has announced that with the new Youtube update, the app gets a new design. It is not only the YouTube app that has been updated but also the YouTube Music app. Both the app updates offer a great number of new features that will help uplift the user experience.

The app has also brought extend titles to give more clear information on the video that is being suggested. Google also said You would notice channel icons below each video to help you recognize your favorite creators while you scroll through the feed.

Youtube update music app:

YouTube app, the company has also updated the YouTube Music app. The new update, brought users to be able to find new music through the newly introduced ‘Explore tab’. In this new Explore tab, the company has added New Releases and the ‘Moods and genres’ tab that sight to offer a diversity of music options. However now users can also check out the lyrics of a song directly on the YouTube Music app.

Author: Abdul Rahman

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