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19 Oct 2020

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YouTube is banning or not? Supreme court of Pakistan hints about the ban
youtube is banning
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YouTube is banning or not? Supreme court of Pakistan hints about the ban 

YouTube is banning or not? The supreme court of Pakistan hints about the youtube ban. On Wednesday Supreme Court hints banning YouTube in Pakistan while hearing the case of a man, Shaukat Ali, involved in a sectarian crime.

The three-member judges including Justice Qazi Muhammad, justice Amin Ahmed. And Justice Mushir Alam was on the bench hearing the case. The court objected to unregulated content on social media, particularly comments on the judiciary. Their judgments in fact social media did not spare families.

Youtube is banning or not

Social media has no respect for judiciary, judgments, army, and government. “Our income comes from the public’s money, the Fundamentals gives us the right to our private lives. Justice Amin said the supreme court had announced a judgment on a case a day earlier which was then discussed on YouTube.

However, justice qazi Amin Raised queries to have the Federal Investigation Agency ( FIA)and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had noticed what was happening on YouTube. There are several countries in the world where YouTube is banned. Said justice, Amin. Moreover, PTA authorities replied that they could not change or remove any such content but could only report it.

Youtube is banned

The supreme court threatens at banning of the YouTube ban in Pakistan. Justice Alam declared that the video-sharing platform was banned in several countries. In those countries, no one was allowed to share any objectionable content against the United States or European countries.

Justice Amin said, The family members of the judiciary come under search on YouTube. Judges, army, the government are mocked and embarrassed in such platforms. Justice Qazi Amin said We have no issue with freedom of expression, our salary is coming from the public . adding that the public has the right to discuss judges’ actions and decisions. But the Law doesn’t give people the right to discuss our private lives. They don’t have the right to talk about our personal issues. Has the PTA or FIA notice what is happening on YouTube?

People are humiliating judges on YouTube:

Justice Alam revealed that, In some countries, social media is regulated according to local laws. It should be ban in Pakistan like other countries.
YouTube will ban or it’s just a threat?

YouTube is banning or not or it’s just a threat ?. Earlier, the Pakistan Government gives ultimate warning to Chinese popular app Tik Tok. After banning Bigo live video streaming app Bigo is banned in Pakistan.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) announced strict measures against social media platforms including TikTok. And imposed a ban over the live-streaming app, Bigo.

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