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19 Oct 2020

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Yasir Hussain reaction on Ertugrul actors

Yasir Hussain reaction on Ertugrul actors 

Yasir Hussain the popular tv actor once again reacted to international actors. However, his recent Instagram story, actor Hussain shared a tweet featuring pictures of the two Pakistani individuals who exactly look-alike to the Diriliş: Ertuğrul actors. The tweet considers them as the ‘Pakistani Turgut and Pakistani Ertuğrul.

Ever since the Ertugrul series aired on PTV, Yasir Hussain kept saying something about Turkish actors. Shadi Mubarak ho actor and some other Pakistani television artists who objected to broadcast the Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul on the television. According to Yasir Hussain Pakistani actors could never get the same importance as their Turkish fellows.

His Instagram story is gone viral. He wrote, Inko koi nahi poochy ga, Q k Ghar ki murgi daal barabar or bahar ka kachra Bhi maal barabar’.
Because tv actor Yasir thought that these doppelgänger will not get fame and recognition as much Turkish actor received.

what was yasir reaction ? after Esra Biligic choose for a brand ambassador

However, many Pakistani celebrities were in support of the Turkish actress. Esra Bilgic after actor Yasir criticized the Pakistani local brand for hiring a Turkish celebrity as the brand ambassador.according to him Pakistan has much talent rather than other international actresses. Many other Pakistani actors disagreed with hiring foreign celebrities. Actor Yasir Hussain in his Instagram post criticism the brand for overlooking the local talent and hiring a foreign celebrity. He also named a few Pakistani female celebrities the brand could have hired.

Yasir Hussain just wanted to say That his fan and followers to support Pakistani artists.

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