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02 Dec 2020

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Wuhan completely bans on  eating wild animals
Wuhan bans on eating wild animals

Wuhan completely bans on eating wild animals 

Wuhan bans on eating wild animals. in China’s Wuhan city the center of coronavirus will not permit the consumption of wild animals as the pandemic is believed to be passed from bats to people.
Wuhan city earlier urges new orders on the breeding of wild animals and made it very clear that none of them could be used as food.

Meanwhile, the city’s officials have assured that the local administration would buy wild animals and play its part to alleviate the effect.According to the new regulations, wild animals and other products made using them have been completely banned in Wuhan.

The official document also suggests that no company or individuals are allowed to produce, process, use or conduct commercial operations with wildlife or wildlife products which are now strictly banned.

According to reports, the government is also ready to pay farmers in china ( Wuhan) to stop breeding wild animals. The theory has it that the Coronavirus started from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale market where animals are used to be stacked up in cages as livestock.

In addition according to Reports, that besides seafood, the market used to sell exotic, wild animals such as salamanders, bats, snakes, and porcupines, among others are used and people of Wuhan enjoyed eating it.

Wuhan the center of coronavirus is the capital of central’s china Hubei province. It has a population of 11 million, Wuhan was the first to report a Coronavirus case last year, and nothing been normal since then. To date, the virus that began in Wuhan, has infected more than 5 million people globally and taken millions of innocent lives. The pandemic remarkable era when The whole world is under severe lockdown and suffering from a huge economic crisis that will last for long.

According to the latest news china has banned eating wild animals it also suspended all trades and consumption of wildlife and wild animals. Wuhan bans on eating wild animals.

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