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24 Oct 2020

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Why babies kick in the womb – Newzanchor
Why babies kick in the womb

Why babies kick in the womb – Newzanchor 

Do you know baby movements and kicking habits, in general, are signs of a baby’s health? Experts of London found some more interesting reasons Why babies kick in the womb.

This research has been done by the doctors of University College London. They say children hit in the mother’s womb because the baby pulls on its body by moving its legs and finally examining its condition and environment.

Remember that: during their research from the experts of University College London (UCL) also examined the child. The details of this research also have been published in a scientific report of London.

Specialists of this study specifically examined the brain waves of newborns born during their research who were prematurely and which should be in the womb at that time. The specialist also studied about that Rapid eye movement (REM) of the baby’s eyes during sleep. They conclude that the newborn’s brain waves are very fast. The experts of this research also said that these waves are originating from certain parts of the brain.

Babies kick in the womb are more active

Experts of University College London (UCL) also examined those premature babies are more likely to move their arms and legs and are more active in their brain waves. These are the good signs of premature babies.

The Specialist of this research also concludes that babies move their legs a lot in the last days of the mother pregnancy. By kicking in the mother’s womb, children define their bodies and try to understand its environment.

This research was done on more than 19 newborns. In their experiment from experts in London, they placed electrodes in the brains of 19 newborns. They check and observe their ability to move their arms and legs for several days. Doctors also observed their brain activity during this research. Surprisingly point which they note during their research is just a few weeks later, the baby’s brain waves began to subside and became normal.

The experts of this research also say that we also did this experiment with multiple mice. They did this to receive feedback about their environment by moving on their own at different stages of development. According to researchers, this process is very important for brain mapping. Lastly, the same principle applies to humans.

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