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19 Oct 2020

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Who is Sushant Singh Rajput? here is detail story
Sushant Singh Rajput

Who is Sushant Singh Rajput? here is detail story 

Sushant Singh Rajput, an Indian famous actor. He died on June 14 2020 at the age of 34. .actor had committed suicide which was very shocking. Sushant was very famous, especially among youngsters. MS DHONI actor was an inspiration for youth. He has given many super hit movies and dramas. Some of his projects are “Pk”,  “MS DHONI”, “Drive” and “Dil Bechara”.After his death, his parents were also surprised because according to them, they don’t know what has put Sushant to commit suicide. According to his friends, he was in depression for several months.


After his death, his father has reported FIR against her girlfriend named RHEA CHAKRABORTY. Well, at that time there was no more news because the investigation was started. On the 25th of June 2020, FIR was registered. It was said that Sushant was in depression because of his girlfriend. Later, reasons came after a proper investigation


Rhea Chakraborty is an Indian actress and she was the girlfriend of Sushant. A neighbor of RHEA has said that RHEA knows about “black magic”. Sushant was in a flat of RHEA for 3 days after their Europe trip. RHEA used to feed him some poisonous drugs which had disturbed him psychologically. His cook and accountant have claimed that RHEA has done black magic. His manager has claimed that he has seen Rhea doing mysterious POOJA.  All of her family is involved in this matter. So she has killed Sushant with drugs and black magic.

When the investigation was continuing, a lady neighbor of Rhea has claimed about her BLACK MAGIC Pooja. She has told all truth she knows, to the media reporters. When the public came to know, they are in protest to arrest rhea. According to his father, CBI has considered it a high profile case and they are working on it.


Sushant Singh has earned die heart fans and immense love from the public through his hard work and his talent. People loved him still they miss him. When the public came to know, that it was not suicided it was actually a murder. They are frustrated and doing protest to police and related agencies to arrest Rhea. She was also a smuggler, she has given a person such as psychotropic and narcotic substances to kill him. A case also has registered by NARCOTICS CONTROL BUREAU against Rhea. His father KK Singh has called Rhea a killer in his video, which he has uploaded just after that whole incident. He has requested police to arrest her and all her family members.


Public from all over the world, Sushant Singh fans especially on social media have started a campaign against Rhea and they request Police to arrest her and also her family, as they are also involved in Black Magic. Her family has supported her in such an insane act. Now, this campaign is trending at top of social media.

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