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25 Nov 2020

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Who is Julie? what ‘s the story of Julie?
Julie transgender

Who is Julie? what ‘s the story of Julie? 

Julie, activist transgender in Pakistan is well known all over Pakistan. She is a transgender who has urged other transgender to earn money by work not by their traditional way to earn especially sexual orientation. She has tried to stop transgender to beg, dance, and sexual relations just for the sake of money.


Julie has started an NGO called “SAFAR”. This NGO was created to help transgender financially also mentally. Most of the transgender are not educated so the NGO teaches the transgender to earn by work of their capability. She has shared many videos on social media telling the real face, bitter truths of society. People liked their videos and support her as she educates other people and give messages to her community. She is known as a brave activist. She fights for the rights of her community.

What has happened to Julie?

Almost a week ago, Julie has been arrested by Islamabad police. She has been kept in jail till. The public has given a very strong reaction to it and they want to release her. There’s also news come to hear that she has been kept in a male section of the jail, which has urged the public to speak for her. Also, the news comes that her case is non-bailable. Now all the public is standing with her. The investigation is continue now and soon we will see the result.

Who reported FIR against Julie?

Actually, a transgender NABILA has reported FIR against Julie. According to her, she was attacked by Julie at night time for the purpose of murder. She was alone at night, but after the incident, 40-45 people are now with her as an eye-witness. Her home pieces were broken, and she was injured as attacked by knives as well. She was gone to the COMPLEX ISLAMABAD the next day. After she was admitted one day and night in the hospital, she asked police to help her. Then, FIR was registered against Julie, and JULIE got arrested. Nabila was not a member of “safar” NGO.

Why she has been arrested?

According to Nabila, Julie has personal issues with her. Nabila was doing charity in lockdown due to the corona pandemic. Julie has asked her to stop it. But she has denied doing this that’s why she has been attacked for sake of murder. This whole story was described by Nabila in conversation with WAQAR ZAKA. WAQAR ZAKA has taken her views and upload his conversation on YouTube. He has done research now and soon we will see his acts, according to him. Also, he has requested his nation to do research before posting tags on social media.


In earlier 2009, the supreme court of Pakistan has ruled in favor of transgender rights as a general civilian. Transgender has a value according to law, they are able to study and to work. Now they are living as normal civilians and humans. They can work anywhere in society. They can participate in every social activity. Their living standard has been modified now and many transgender is working in different fields of work. Transgender was not well-appreciated before. They were misused by other people. People insult them before. Educated and well-mannered people respect them and consider as normal human beings. On the other side, illiterate people, especially in villages, consider them very ugly till


This case has been noticed and the investigation is continuing. Julie is in jail and still we have come to know that her case can not be bailed. But we hope for justice for who is at right. The investigation is continue now soon we will see the results.

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