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19 Oct 2020

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Who is jay palfrey? What he has done?
Who is jay palfrey?

Who is jay palfrey? What he has done? 

Who is jay palfrey? Jay palfrey is a British vlogger. however, the story of a British young YouTuber named Jay Palfrey attracted everyone’s attention.
However, A person’s spiritual journey always attracts people’s attention. Similarly, its happened with Jay. Jay palfrey decided to become a Muslim. He converts to Islam after he frequently visited Muslim countries in the world.
Recently he posted a video on his YouTube channel. he announced that he had embraced Islam and his family in England fully supported Jay’s decision to convert to Islam . said two sentences of the faith while he was in Turkey.

Why he became Muslim?

Jay palfrey answered the questions of many people. Where did he ask why he converted? What was his family reaction? Why he became Muslim.? He gave an explanation of his decision to convert to Islam in a video on his YouTube channel.
Jay pal firstly thanks to all those people who encourage him and support him. Jay pal brought up in England. He raised up in a tiny village in England. Where the majority of people were Christian he added. Situations are different in Uk. After the 9/11 incident people have negative thoughts towards Muslims and Islam. He had a lot of negativity while he growing up. He also had a lot of family issues. jay pal bullied severely very much in school because he came from a poor family. jay palfrey didn’t have much money. Jay pal bullied for body shaming as well.

I lost all hopes and wanted to runaway said jay palfrey

Moreover, lots of bad things happened in his life. There’s a time when he wanted to get run away from his own hometown. He sees his future black there. He wanted to skip his mental thoughts at that time. Then he started going to university. His love for world-traveling starts from there. He traveled around the world, He met wonderful people. Jay palfrey discloses that During his constant travels, He learned a lot and gained experience. While living in Islamic countries. jay said, gradually I also came to understand the truth of Islam, which is a very beautiful, peaceful but most misunderstood religion, he said. jay palfrey starts visiting the place he actually started looking for Islam. He explained that his visits to the Muslim countries inspired him a lot. He read and research more about the Islam religion.

Jay palfrey visited Iraq and Turkey

Jay Palfrey vlogger said he began his research into Islam. He started reading books on Islam. Jal palfrey listened to the Islamic scholars on YouTube, and even read the Quran. He said he traveled to Egypt where he met some incredible people. He loved turkey and Iraq. Grand mosque in turkey inspired him more. The people of Egypt guided him more. moreover, Palfrey is very impressed by Egypt and its people. After that, he noted that the month of Ramadan this year was significant in his journey.

He found peace and happiness

Jay palfrey said he never felt this much peaceful, calm, and happy in his entire life. He thanked his fans and followers for pouring in love courage and appreciation for him. He found peace and happiness. jay said he is way happier now ever in life before.

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