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25 Nov 2020

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Washington introduces the world’s first smart cooler along with UV air.
smart cooler

Washington introduces the world’s first smart cooler along with UV air. 

Washington: From the next month consumers will be able to purchase world smart UV room cooler. This UV smart cooler is developed after crowdfunding on the Internet.

We know that ultraviolet rays can destroy all the germs. The ultraviolet system that circulates air inside the Nexus Fan Ultra is antiseptic in every way. Another plus point of this cooler is, the Nexus Fan Ultra starts blowing cool and freshening the air in just a few seconds

Features of UV smart cooler

There are multiple features of this UV smart cooler some of them are as follows. Firstly, the consumer can easily pick it up and take away it anywhere where he wants according to his desire because of its size. A consumer can easily take this smart cooler to park or in the office especially in the room while taking rest.

Secondly, this smart cooler has a 10,000 mAH Power bank which continuously provides supply without an electricity connection. Due to this power bank, this UV room cooler can easily run continuously for more than 12 hours.

Another advantage of this smart cooler is, after turn on the nexus fan ultra it immediately starts releasing fresh air. It can release fresh air up to 5 degrees Celsius within a few seconds. Say thank you to the power bank because it can be charged through any USB cable at home.

Despite its small size, the smart cooler can cover a large area for cooling. Its strong indoor fan continues to supply cold and fresh air up to a distance of more than five feet.

Another advantage of this smart cooler is, adding water into a UV cooler once and shaking it in any direction does not cause any leakage.  After filling water in the UV cooler its weight becomes not more than two pounds. Children can easily carried the UV cooler.

The drawback of Traditional room coolers is much loud and consumes a large amount of space. The Nexus Fan Ultra cooler consumes very little space without any noise pollution with the latest technology. Traditional room coolers use up to 70 watts of electricity but this cooler uses only 10 watts of electricity.

This Ultraviolet cooler can be used in two ways, either it releases moisture or it throws cold and fresh air.

Price of UV cooler

The introductory price of this Nexus Fan Ultra UV room cooler is only just 45 dollars.

Published by : : Ali Shuja Malik

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