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25 Nov 2020

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US navy official Calls captain Bret Crozier stupid and naive
us navy officials call ex captain stupid

US navy official Calls captain Bret Crozier stupid and naive 

The Pentagon leadership crisis over a US aircraft carrier has escalated after the acting Navy secretary called the ships expelled captain too naive or too stupid to be in command there were calls from Congress and former officers for Thomas Modly to resign after an audio recording surfaced of a speech he delivered to the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
in which he denigrated the commander he had dismissed for having circulated a memo calling for more help for his crew. who had been infected by a coronavirus outbreak onboard. In the recording published by the task and purpose, military news website heckling can be heard from the crew during the address which was otherwise approached with silence.
Modly defended his decision to remove captain Bret Crozier of command last week because his four-page memo requesting more help for his crew, and asking for them to be transferred onshore at Guam had been circled to more than 40 people.
it was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle, but Modly did not blame Crozier of the leak. “if he didn’t think that information was going to get out into the people in this information age that we live in, then he was too naive or too stupid to be the commanding officer of the ship ”. Modly Said.
Crozier was a famous captain and video broadcasted on Friday of the crew massing on the deck of the Roosevelt to applaud and chant the captain’s name as he left the ship, walking down the ladder to a waiting car.
Modly criticized the crew for praising saying that they should think of the people of Guam, who were worried about being infected by sick sailors brought ashore. He criticized the media, which he said was seeking to embarrass the Navy and accused Crozier of betrayal.
According to the Pentagon, Sixty one percent of the Roosevelt crew has been tested for coronavirus and 173 have been confirmed to be infected. 2,000 sailors just under half the crew have been transferred ashore on Guam. though none have been hospitalized as yet.
Many congress members have demanded Modly’s resignation after the incident. They stated that he should be dismissed without a ceremony for these hateful remarks, especially because he has failed to protect the health of the crew.

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