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02 Dec 2020

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Two small planes crashed with each other in Canada
plane crash

Two small planes crashed with each other in Canada 

OTTAWA: The wings of two small planes collide with each other in Canada. Both of them are in mid-flight state. Both planes face damages. After colliding planes, one of them stagger and sink into the nearby river.

According to the sources of international news, a small passenger plane has the capacity of two passengers. A small plane consists of one engine. After colliding into each other one of the planes to stagger and sink into the river near to the boat.

The plane which crashed into the river is just 20 feats away from a boat plane which is in the Ottawa River.

Remember that: where the small plane was crashed in the river, here two friends were boating for recreation on the Ottawa River. They immediately called the near rescue agency for their help.

Remember that: a 70-year-old pilot who fell down in the river was rescued during the rescue operation. Luckily pilot is safe in a plane crash. The pilot also faces minor injuries during this accident.

The other Cassana 172 MG plane had four people who were also so lucky. They safely land at a nearby airport after the plane crashed.

According to the sources of international news, Friends in the boat on the Ottawa River said that when the plane was crashing we were afraid. We were thinking that it would be fall on us. But it falls just near to us 20 feats away from the boat.

Friends stated that if we hadn’t been there on the ship, there would have been no one to report to the rescue. He also said that there are also some chances that the pilot would have drowned in the plane crash.

Remember that: there is almost less than one percent chance to survive in plane crash. luckily both planes passengers are safe after this accident

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