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25 Nov 2020

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Twitter is down in Pakistan after 10 pm on Sunday
Twitter is down
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Twitter is down in Pakistan after 10 pm on Sunday 

Twitter is down in Pakistan. Twitter is a popular social networking site, Was slow down in Pakistan, after 10 pm on Sunday. Despite this, #TwitterDown is the top trend in the country.
Internet blockage observatory confirmed the disruption to Twitter and Viewfinder with multiple impacts on multiple networks. Some people claiming Other social networks also not working properly.

Twitter has stopped working in Pakistan. Many people raised problems. However, the users are able to access their social media account using the VPN.
Blockage in account and Periscope registered across Pakistan with an impact on multiple networks.
However lots of people facing trouble while using twitter accounts. People of Pakistan saying Tweet has stopped working for them and they are having to use it through VPN. But some are using it without VPN but the results are extremely slow and it’s getting hard to load, the account is not is loading

According to Usama Khilji the director of Bolo Bhi, a Pakistan-based support policy, and research organization focusing on digital rights and freedom of expression. He Requests the government to take notice of the disturbance.
The government should confirm the blocking of Twitter in Pakistan on Sunday. The cabinet should take notice of this discontinuity of Tweet services for Pakistani citizens.
The real reason for blockage is not to clarify by tweet company. The organization said in a tweet, Our study with the support of digital rights shows of Twitter and Periscope are still ongoing. Well, the tweet company is yet to give a statement about this issue.

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