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25 Nov 2020

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Twitter deleted 170,000 accounts associate to china state-linked
Twitter deleted 170,000 accounts associate to china state-linked
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Twitter deleted 170,000 accounts associate to china state-linked 

Twitter deleted 170,000 accounts associated with the Chinese state-linked Chinese government disinformation campaign that targeted Hong Kong’s protest movement, protest in the United States, coronavirus pandemic, and other ongoing issues.

Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook is totally banned in China, which uses driving force to restrict access to news and information.the company has announced that all accounts the deceptive content posted by those thousands of accounts had been deleted from the platform . after being linked to an influence campaign from china.
According to the researchers, the network of 170,000 accounts was supreme tweeting in Chinese, force deceptive narratives.
However, twitter is blocked from access in China, the campaign was targeted at Chinese-spreading disinformation outside the country with the intention of controlling conception on current issues, including the Hong Kong protests, exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and coronavirus and also criticizing Taiwan.

On Friday Capital of china’s foreign ministry criticized. Twitter’s decision saying China was the main reason for disinformation.
Moreover, researchers said most of the tweets were posted from Monday to Friday in working days. Moreover, each account had less than 10 followers with no information and with low engagement in the account bio. However, The major themes of the tweets were that Hong Kong protester was violent, and other current issues.
Twitter deleted 170,000 accounts. These accounts were reported fake news related to current issues. Moreover, twitter took down thousands of more accounts linked to turkey and Russia.

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