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04 Dec 2020

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Trump Publicly Disagrees With Dr. Fauci About Reopening the economy
trump and fauci

Trump Publicly Disagrees With Dr. Fauci About Reopening the economy 

This morning President Trump is rejecting a warning from America’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci that reopening the country prematurely could lead to more deaths. Trump said that Dr. Anthony Fauci is playing both sides and that he does not agree with him.

When it comes to schools, during Tuesday’s Senate hearing Doctor Fauci did not comment about whether schools should reopen or not. Instead commenting that students returning to class in the fall likely would not have a coronavirus vaccine or treatment available to them.

President for his part insistent kids should be back in the classroom. He said the schools should be reopened. President Trump also addressing how he and vice president Pence are staying apart from one another.

After two White House staff members tested positive for the COVID19 including Pence’s press secretary. He said that he has not met him in some time and he misses him.

Author: Yaseen Ahmad

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