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25 Nov 2020

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This  light strike germ zapping robot  uses UV light to kill coronavirus in just 4 minutes
light strike germ zapping robot
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This light strike germ zapping robot uses UV light to kill coronavirus in just 4 minutes 

Light strike germ zapping robot, comes from Xenes Disinfection Services, a medical firm in the US that has successfully tested the LightStrike robot against Coronavirus. It is also market by Terumo medical equipment company.

The light strike germ zapping robot machine release ultraviolet light at a wavelength between 200 and 312 nanometers that can serialize objects such as beds, windows doors stairs, and other surfaces that people commonly use. The ultraviolet radiation leaves the virus incapacitated within 4 minutes.
In just 4 minutes this robot machine eliminates coronavirus.
Using a UV light, the LightStrike robot machine is now seen as a ray of hope in disinfecting public places.

light strike germ zapping robot

According to xenex This light strike robot machine has also been successful in fighting multidrug-resistant bacteria viruses and even Ebola as well.

After test results show that the ultraviolet radiation renders the pathogens too damaged to work after two to four minutes of UV light. For the moment, the light strike robot takes 25 minutes to kill the germs in an entire room.

According to xenex, this light strike robot has also proven To be 99.9 percent productive in the killing off germs and bacteria, and successful against Coronavirus.

According to xenex, It has now been situated in more than 500 facilities globally and the company is hoping to post many more by the end of this month.
Terumo says they have already experienced hundreds of new inquiries about the germ zapping robot and they strongly believe they are on the right path.

Author: Abdul Rahman

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