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04 Dec 2020

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The Twitter workers can work from home Forever
Twitter workers can work from home forever

The Twitter workers can work from home Forever 

The Twitter workers can work from home forever says CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter said on Tuesday it is unexpected to open its offices before September, and that many of its employees will be permitted to work from home permanently even after the end of the coronavirus lockdowns.
According to the representative, Opening offices will definitely our decision. But When and if our employees want to come back, they will surely welcome.
The company will evaluate its plans for 2021 events later by the end of this year 2020.

The past few months have demonstrated we can make that work. If our employees want to work from home and they want to continue to do they will do forever. Twitter said the reopening of its offices will be at risk and carefully. The office will open when conditions permit.
Twitter workers can work from home forever offices will not open before September. When Twitter decided to open offices, it will not be in a good position the way it before.

As CEO said Twitter’s new policy comes as businesses across the nation are grappling to modify to social distancing guidelines. And they also consider how they will reopen in the pandemic.

Other Social Platforms:

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, major companies like these were early to move to a work-from-home model and also been the most alert in planning for moving employees back into the office, in normal position.

Google has told his employees that the majority of them will work from home until 2021, however, some will return in the early summer. Facebook will similarly start to reopen offices after July 4 but will let employees who are interested to work from home do so until the next year 2021.
The strategy of long term home working, these companies stand in absolute distinction to much of the rest of the country. where regions are slowly relieving lockdown limitation. Governors in several countries including California, where Facebook, Twitter, and Google are based, have already started gradual reopening of their economies.

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