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24 Oct 2020

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The Gang rape of a mother in motorway of Lahore
The Gang-raped of a mother on motorway

The Gang rape of a mother in motorway of Lahore 

Lahore: The gang rape of a mother near Gujaarpura motorway in Lahore. While she was driving a car. She was a mother of two. The woman along with two children was traveling to Gujranwala in a car.
However, she had to stop at the Gujjarpura section of the Motorway. She was looking for fuel at around 1.45 am. The mother immediately called a relative and sent him her live location. Her relative asked her to also dial the Motorway Police helpline. But unfortunately, no response was given by the Motorway Police helpline at that time.

No one came for her help, meanwhile, Out of somewhere two robbers come near to her car, broke the window, and took the woman and her children to nearby bushes where they gang-raped her repeatedly in front of the children. Robers also snatched her purse cash jewelry and other valuables essentials, and ATM cards.

After this horrible incident. The Gujjarpura police have registered a case and immediately started an investigation. According to The Motorway police officers, the incident did not occur in the boundaries of the motorway.

Punjab government issued a notice to trace the culprits as soon as possible. The barbaric incident left the netizens into anger and heartbroken. People want justice. This is the third case in 48 hours. Many celebrities, famous personalities, and politicians Expressed disappointment and immense sadness over the unfortunate incident on Twitter. Moreover, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Vice-President Maryam Nawaz said that she was heartbroken to hear about the barbaric crime. gang rape, murders incident frequently have seen in Pakistan nowadays.

Twitter trending with #hangrapists and #motorwayincident

However after two horrific cases of rape and murder. Another incident The Gang rape of a mother happened on Tuesday night on the Lahore motorway. Twitter trending with hashtags #Hangrapists and #Motorwayincident on top in Pakistan.
Thousands of Tweets expressed anger over the fact that the frequent cases of rape incidents in the past were not enough to wake the authorities. People want justice. They demand strict punishment for the culprit.

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