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02 Dec 2020

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The 20th death Aniversary of Nazia Hassan observes today:
the 20th death aniversary of Nazia

The 20th death Aniversary of Nazia Hassan observes today: 

The 20th death Aniversary of Nazia Hassan observes today. Its been 20 years Since the talented singer left this world. The queen of pop will forever remain in everyone’s heart.
However, Nazia Hassan passed away on 13 August 2000. She died due to prolonged disease cancer.

Queen of pop ‘ nazia hassan ‘

Nazia Hassan the popular singer also called “Queen of Pop”, has always been a remarkable name in Pakistan.
Nazia Hassan was a songwriter, lawyer, and social activist. It’s been 20 years since she left this world. Her death anniversary is being observed today. Nazia’s death is considered to be one of the biggest losses to the Pakistan music industry. Her voice is so magical. the captivating performance she created through her songs is unforgettable. She earned a name for herself and left a mark among the genius people. 

Nazia started her career at the age of ten:

However, she started her singing career at the age of ten. She is popular with her melodious voice. Throughout her successful singing career, she received the title of “Queen of Pop music.” Along with brother Zoheb Hassan, she went on to sell over 65 million records worldwide.

Nazia Hassan always believed that she could reach the hearts of millions through her music and singing and could do good humanitarian work. The beautiful face is still widely missed all over the world.even today on The 20th death Aniversary of Nazia Hassan

Nazia hasaan and zoheb hassan

‘Disco dewanay’ her biggest hit :

The 20th death the anniversary of Nazia Hassan people recalls her biggest hit songs. Her famous song Aap Jaisa Koi from Qurbani. (Bollywood debut film). Nazia’s debut album Disco Deewane was a huge hit. Still, this song is heard among youth. Nazia’s other albums also the biggest hit. They received the same amount of hit records as her first album. including Boom Boom, Young Tarang.

The 20th death Aniversary of Nazia Hassan is today. Unfortunately, after battling with cancer disease, she left us at the young age of 35. Nazia Hassan passed away on August 13, 2000, in London.

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