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02 Dec 2020

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Tesla is creating ventilators with car parts: Many major firms are providing ventilators
Tesla makes ventilators with car parts
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Tesla is creating ventilators with car parts: Many major firms are providing ventilators 

Covid19 is one of the biggest threats that the earth has ever faced. This pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 53000 people. World governments are in a pinch because of the shortage of health care equipments which includes N95 respirators and ventilators.
Tesla like many other firms is trying to help tackle a shortage of the vital hospital
Equipment. US alone is thought to need tens of thousands more of the ventilators which help patients breathe.
Tesla is trying to make a new and efficient design for ventilators which include car parts. The prototype for the ventilators was unveiled on Sunday 5th April.
Founder of Tesla Elon Musk stated These ventilators will be supplied free to US hospitals but there’s no word yet on when deliveries might start. Other than Tesla Many other US making major efforts to help in these difficult times and. Which Includes Ford and general motors.
Ford claimed last week that they would successfully produce 50,000 ventilators within 100 days. General Motors aims to make 10,000 ventilators a month.
Medical experts at the white house stated that between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans could pass away during the coronavirus outbreak. That is even if sweeping orders to stay at home are heeded.
America is facing a major crisis right now with almost 356,782 confirmed cases and more than 10000 deaths. Where multiple major firms and donating huge amounts of money and trying to make vital hospital equipment, the American government has yet to provide any results or even a proper plan to face this crisis.
In the last 2 weeks only more then 10000 jobs were lost in America. Many people are disappointed and even scared but the American government has yet to state a plan that will comfort American people.
All of us have to fight this war against coronavirus individually so no matter where you are in the world our team from Newz Anchor urges to stay safe and help each out as much as possible in the difficult times and we will surely defeat this invisible enemy.

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