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24 Oct 2020

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Students frustrated by taking online classes in Pakistan
students are frustrated by taking online classes

Students frustrated by taking online classes in Pakistan 

Students frustrated by taking online lectures in Pakistan. They demand to take classes on campus. During the six months, lockdown students are frustrated while taking online classes. They want to take classes in the proper way on campuses. However, student protest and the #wewantclassesincampus become a top trend in Pakistan.
Students couldn’t bear the anxiety anymore.they are complaining that “we are not paying for online classes “. Students are saying they are enough mature to follow SOPs.

However, soon after the resumption of everything #stoponlineclasses hashtag popped up on Twitter and trended on top with thousands of complaints circulating.
Students are raising voices and protesting.
Many students are also complaining about the quality of education despite paying a huge amount of fees.

In addition markets, shopping malls, businesses, factories, and almost everything had come to normal after coronavirus lockdown. educational institutions should resume with SOPs.

Students are not in favor of online classes

Universities students want their classes properly in university. Because online classes are not helping them gaining knowledge. They protest to open universities as soon as possible. However, the #wewantclassesincampus becomes the voice of students across all Pakistan.

Moreover, not every student has the same facilities. Every student doesn’t bear the expense of modern technology. They want proper education in universities with SOPs.
However, Sindh education minister Saeed Ghani says, Sindh’s schools will not reopen on September 21 as was scheduled earlier.

In addition, the provincial education minister, Saeed Ghani, says the resumption has now been delayed by at least a week.
A fear of coronavirus spreading across schools has forced VI, VII, and VIII classes to stay back home. Some educational institutes have failed to follow SOPs Due to which COVID 19 spread among children.
Saeed Ghani said that children from VI, VII, and VIII classes would now be asked to rejoin school on September 28 only if the COVID-19 situation improved.

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