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02 Dec 2020

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Social distancing for the pandas and chimps
Social Distancing for pandas

Social distancing for the pandas and chimps 

Zoos like many attractions across the UK have had to close as a result of the lockdown. Keepers Edinburgh zoo says they would normally be busy at this time of the year but despite the lack of visitors, they are still making sure the animals are being cared for and sticking to their usual routines.

During the crisis, Lorna Gordon has more than the animals of the Edinburgh zoo. There are over two and a half thousand animals here the keepers agreeing to film for us to show how the animals are faring while the gates are closed so one of the first things that we have to do is check on all our penguins and make sure everybody’s okay the famous Penguin Parade is for.

Now no longer happening but the breeding season here has started so both the Penguins and their keepers have plenty to do this is one of our breeding nests for Northern Rockhoppers this year so we are currently in this in the moment way to first check to hopefully pet and hatch in the next couple of days the city zoo would usually get thousands of visitors every day but the lockdown means the pathways here are now deserted. Panda, the solitary creatures are among the most popular animals here.

Their Adoring audience may have disappeared but it has made no difference to them doesn’t have company a lot of people worry that if he’s on his own he’s lonely he’s not as long as younger ones have got the food he is perfectly healthy the keepers are always careful around their charges. But coronavirus means they’re taking even more precautions now there we wear clothes when we’re handling any food and things like that and but we’ve started wearing face masks all the time one of the things that could potentially happen is that we could pass coronavirus on to the chimps as far as we know there are no known cases of chimpanzees catching coronavirus and but they are susceptible to things like the flu so I just really don’t want to take that chance.

The zoo is a charity so like other similar organizations it has worries now its income from visitors has dropped away its priority ensuring the animals here received the best care possible during this crisis, Lorna Gordon.

Author: Ahmed Yaseen

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