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19 Oct 2020

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Soap bubbles will be used to fertilize plants???
Soap bubbles
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Soap bubbles will be used to fertilize plants??? 

In Tokyo, a successful attempt to fertilize the plant with soap bubbles has been done.  This experiment has been done by Japanese scientists. He made successfully filled small soap bubbles with egg yolks with pears and planted them in trees for fertilization.

Remember that:  this process id always has done by the bees on the planet. The bees on the planet do this important treatment and produce food for all living organisms of this planet.  These bees do their work by transferring their yolks of different plants from one crop to another.

One of the important things is, the bees are declining day by day rapidly. The scientist around worldwide is very concerned related to this.

Different scientists are working on the rapid fertilization but Dr. Ijiro confirmed tested the rapid 16 days fertilization.  This soap bubble will produce better fertilization of plants.

In the context of fertilization plants, there are, robots and drones were also being working.  But Japanese experts threw pear trees at multiple trees for testing with pistols making bubbles. The experiment of Japanese experts came positive and 95 % of results were found positive. Through this experiment, the trees also began to grow.

This technique of scientists increases better and healthy fertilization. This fertilization can be achieved by putting the yolks into a fine soap.

Scientists are also trying to test this experiment by spraying bubbles on plants or trees with the help of multiple small drones.

This study was presented by Ijiro Miyako from Japan.

Ijiro Miyako has done this experiment from a well-known institute of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Although Ijiro Miyako’s built a small drone that has only 2 cm long. But in the initial stage the 2 cm long drone is very appreciable.  Due to this experiment, different flowers were damage but scientists were also making efforts to reduce the damage of flowers by drones.

Dr. Ijiro says because of the accuracy of drones, the soap can be applied slowly to other flowers.  This microscopic process of these drone bubbles has been confirmed.

According to Professor Ijiro, small bubbles through drones can contain 2,000 egg yolks. The process of growing the pear tree takes 16 days. After 16 days this experiment will be complete.

Dr. Ijiro hopes that he is working on a drone that drops bubbles from a distance of exactly two meters where it is needed.

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