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24 Oct 2020

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Smart watch is designed to detect drugs in the body
smart watch

Smart watch is designed to detect drugs in the body 

United States of America:  As we know that smart watches have been used in multiple ways in our daily life. Smart watches are also being used for health and medicine in many ways. But now experts of Los Angeles made such watch who can detect medicine type and quantity of medicine in the human body.

This smart watch has been made by Experts at Samuel College of Engineering and Stanford University at the University of California, Los Angeles.  According to the experts of this university, this smart watch has the ability to identify various chemicals in human sweat and evaluate medications.  They also say on the basis of the above analysis of human sweet this smart watch can treat each patient better.  According to the experts, medication can be given according to the mood of the patients.

This Smart watches research publish or not???

The study of this smart watch was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research of such smart watch is very useful and helpful for the entire new upcoming generation and for the especially patients.

The experiment of Medicated Smart Watch

For the experiment of these smart watches Experts give the same medication to every patient.  During their research experts completely ignore their mood and physical condition.  The researchers of this study also ignore illness, weight, age, and other patient conditions during the experiment.  The reason behind this was everybody’s chemistry is constantly changing with regular intervals. After then every patient must undergo regular blood tests to determine the effects of a particular medication.

This can help determine the amount and duration of treatment for the patient. Smart watches can be used to measures the ratio of drugs in the human body. The most common drugs which can be measured by this smart watch is acetaminophen. This drug acetaminophen is a common pain reliever in the body.

Remember that: a stream of light flows into the sweat and particles hidden in it are found by this.

Therefore, it is now possible to know the amount of medicine in the body using a smart watch. But it does not require a lot of sweat to exercise. This watch can be used by a small amount of human sweet to measure the number of drugs in a body. This watch can also receive electrochemical signals from very little sweat because the sensor which is placed on it is very sensitive.

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