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02 Dec 2020

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Smart lockdown to be imposed in Lahore says Imran khan
Smart lockdown to be imposed in Lahore says Imran khan

Smart lockdown to be imposed in Lahore says Imran khan 

Smart lockdown to be imposed in Lahore says prime minister Imran khan. During his two day visit in Lahore, he denies reimposing complete lockdown. On Saturday Imran Khan deny rumors that the government plans to impose a complete lockdown in Punjab province. However, this province has the most fatalities from coronavirus. He said smart lockdown would be enforced instead.
Prime minister addressing the media in Lahore today. The government decided in the meeting against forcing a complete lockdown and agreed to certify a strict implementation of the SOPs.

Imran Khan said there is no such reality in imposing complete lockdown.province should follow the SOPs( standard operating procedures). He further added. lockdowns lead to closing the door of the economy .
A smart lockdown is the only solution. He said he made a decision with the Punjab government to identify and shut down main coronavirus areas across Punjab.
Prime minister said people are not taking the situation seriously. Pakistan is not rich like other countries it could not bear the long lockdowns. He gave the example of New York’s city which is the wealthiest in the world they are saying that it is going bankrupt. Prime minister said that if such a horrible situation is existing in the US biggest city, consider what could happen in Pakistan then?

He urged people to follow SOPs .otherwise country will face more worst situation ahead. He added government allowed opening of shops then it’s your job to follow the precautions. Imran khan predicts that by the end of July it would be even more difficult. Moreover, dr Yasmin said 40% capacity is available across Punjab. She said ventilator availability in Lahore, that a total of 197 ventilators were an issue for Coronavirus patients in general hospitals and 104 in private hospitals. Therefore Presently, 63 are available in public hospitals and 72 in private hospitals.

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