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24 Oct 2020

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Schools are finally open after six months in Pakistan

Schools are finally open after six months in Pakistan 

Schools are finally open after six months in Pakistan. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the educational institutes were closed. However, all the educational institutions across the country reopened on Tuesday after a six-month lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

Children are back to school

However, students are back in school. Each student and teacher must have SOps. The
School administrations enforced mandatory social distancing and disinfecting as cautious students their faces covered with face masks, and hands covered with gloves.
Moreover, According to essential instructions issued by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), parents have been advised to make sure that their children follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) for curbing the spread of the deadly virus.
Schools and other educational institutions must implement SOPs. These conduct wearing face masks, using hand sanitizers, and observing social distancing.

15 September reopening of schools in Pakistan

However, this year has been so different in so many ways due to Covid-19. After six months educational institutions have been opened.
Each student must wear a protective mask and gets their temperature checked before entering a class. In addition no more winter vacations in 2020 for children.
However, The number of active cases in Pakistan has declined.

Moreover, on the first day of schools after six months noticed with most students observing the safety protocols and schools conducting temperature screening of them. Also, Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood visited schools in Islamabad to witness adherence to safety measures.

Reopening of schools In addition Pakistan Government-issued guidelines for the return of students
The following are the guidelines issued by the government for students. The measures containing social distancing, handwashing with sanitizers, face-covering mask.
However, The guidelines also call for screening, testing, and continuous monitoring in all educational institutes.

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