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19 Oct 2020

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Sanjay Dutt has been diagnosed with lung cancer
Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt has been diagnosed with lung cancer 

According to the Sources of newzanchor that Sanjay Dutt held his breath when he was hospitalized. When he was hospitalized his coronavirus was tested but the test does not show corona in Sanjay Dutt. After multiple tests, later on, found that water had accumulated in his lungs. This is causing lung cancer in his lungs.

The hospital management said that Sanjay is not suffering from coronavirus but he is suffering from cancer. And he is in the third stage of his cancer which is very dangerous for him at this age.

Komal Nahata an Indian film actress also confirmed this news on twitter. She said that Sanjay Dutt had been diagnosed with lung cancer. We all should hope for the best and pray for his recovery.

According to the sources close to the Sanjay also confirmed this news. They also say that Sanjay Dutt will be leaving for the United States of America soon for the treatment from cancer.

Remember that: Bollywood Famous actor Sanjay Dutt was admitted to the Leela Vati Hospital in Mumbai. He was admitted to the hospital due to difficulty breathing and chest pain.

The management of the hospital admitted him in an emergency and sends him to the intensive care unit (ICU). He was sent to the ICU because of his severe condition due to low oxygen levels.


Remember that: Sanjay was also tested for Coronavirus. His test of the corona virus turned out to be negative.

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