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19 Oct 2020

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Punishment for rapists declared in Pakistan
Chemical castrations for such rapists should be done

Punishment for rapists declared in Pakistan 

Punishment for rapists declared in Pakistan. After the Lahore motorway rape incident. the nation urged prime minister Imran khan to take strict action against rapists. Several cases have been identified in just a few days in Pakistan. The whole country raised its voice for the public hanging of culprits.

The Lahore motorway incident shock and angered the nation severely. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan said rapists should be given the most severe punishments to stop the rising sexual violence in the country. He said either hanging them publicly on chowk or chemically castrating them.
During a recent interview, Imran khan expressed that caused an outpouring of anger across the country and brought sexual violence against women into national focus.
Primer said the motorway rape incident had shaken the whole nation because the victim could have been anyone’s sister or daughter.
He says the Rapists should be given exemplary punishments. According to me, they should be hanged at the chowk. Imran Khan said that this punishment should be reserved only for rapists and those who sexually abuse children.

Chemical castrations for such rapists should be done

Imran Khan further said that another option was to “chemically or surgically castrate” rapists, according to the degree of the crime. It is also done by many countries. Rapists would not be able to do anything. He says Delhi is on the top of the rape cased in the world due to vulgarity in Bollywood.

Moreover, Imran khan says On becoming the prime minister in the initial 2 years was told by the Islamabad IGP that sex crimes were rising against women as well as small children. He says these rapists and child sexual abusers, deserve exemplary punishments and called for hanging them in public for they ruined children’s lives as well as of their parents.
He further said that one could not know exactly how many cases occur as they were under-reported. Parents are shy to discuss. Children are shy to discuss these heinous topics.

Punishment for rapists declared now in Pakistan. No more mercy on rapists. Either hang them publicly or castrates their organ. Several innocent children, women, teenage girls, boys become the victim of this heinous act. In addition, the prime minister also said he had to give nation blockbuster Ertuğrul to be broadcast on Pakistani television. because he wanted to prove that Islamic and historical family programs could be popular in the country too.he recommended this Turkish serial for people’s good life.

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