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02 Dec 2020

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PubG game decision has been challenged in Islamabad High Court.
PubG game
E-Game and Sport

PubG game decision has been challenged in Islamabad High Court. 

Abdul Haseeb Nasir a citizen of Pakistan has been challenged the decision of banning the PubG game in Islamabad High Court.

Abdul Haseeb said in his petition that E-game is the largest industry in the world. This industry is also helping Pakistan to speed up our economy.

In his petition, Abdul Haseeb Nasir also sets a party to Secretary Law, Secretary Information Technology, Secretary Science and Technology, and PTA. The reason behind setting their name in a petition to force them to take a step against banning the PubG game.

He also predicts in his petition that this action of Government will likely end the sponsorship of big companies in E-Sports in Pakistan. This will cause huge economic losses to Pakistan if we did not take this decision back.

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