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19 Oct 2020

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Prime minister Imran khan condemn on Stock Exchange attack
Stock Exchange

Prime minister Imran khan condemn on Stock Exchange attack 

Imran khan condemn on Stock Exchange attack happened today in Karachi. 6 people were Four killed after gunmen stormed the Pakistan (PSX) compound in the southern city of Karachi in an attack claimed by ethnic Baloch separatists.

Two attackers were killed at the moment security officials said, while the other two were shot dead while attempting to gain entrance to the building. The attackers have grenades, rifles .they start attacking after opening the entrance. At least more than eight people were wounded in the attack.
However, CCTV footage video showed the four attackers coming out of a car at the security checkpoint and firing at the security guards.

Sharjeel Kharal the senior police officer told reporters the attackers were killed before entering the building. Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) is a highly secure zone it also covers houses and several banks. According to Statement, one sub-inspector and three security guards were martyred in the attack. Eight people, including three police officials, have been injured.
Prime minister Imran khan condemned, said the entire nation was proud of the security who powerfully fought off militants who stormed the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday morning.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran condemns the terrorist attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange. The security forces bravely fought the enemy and prevent the attack.
Many other politicians condemned on Pakistan Stock Exchange attack on Monday. This incident has taken the lives of four security guards and one sub-inspector martyred today.

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