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30 Nov 2020

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PIA plane crash cockpit voice recorder discovered
plane crash cockpit discovered

PIA plane crash cockpit voice recorder discovered 

The plane crash cockpit discovered six days from a plane crash in Pakistan. Since plane crashes. PIA was traveling from Lahore to Karachi on Friday (May 22 ) afternoon. There were 100 passengers. The plane was just a few kilometers away from the airport. 97 people were killed along with crew members.

Since then, The team investigating the crash of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-8303 in the residential area of Model Town, Karachi has finally discovered the cockpit voice recorder of the crash plane.
According to the investigators, the cockpit was found under the debris of the plane crash site.

Later, the aircraft leaned on its bottom during the mismanagement landing attempt, dragging both engines on the runway. Before the pilot could attempt a second landing, both engines had caught bad fire, all of sudden the plane crashed in a residential area model colony near the airport in Karachi.
The plane crash cockpit discovered which carries All the details of the conversation between the pilot and the control tower. It will help investigators to understand what exactly happened in the last moments of the crash. In the next step, the team of French experts will dialectic to further the investigations. After this incident happened Several announcements were made in the area with Rangers and Aviation officers requesting peoples to hand over the wreckage of the crashed jet whenever it comes to them.

Earlier, the federal minister for aviation Gulam Sarwar Khan gave a statement in Karachi said that families of those who were killed will receive Rs1 million each while the two survivors would be given Rs500,000 each.
Aviation minister also announced that the government will offer payment to the residents of the area whose houses and cars have been damaged in a plane crash.

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