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02 Dec 2020

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Pakistan ranked 20th, among most affected countries from COVID-19
dr zafar mirza

Pakistan ranked 20th, among most affected countries from COVID-19 

Pakistan ranked 20th, it is the most affected country from coronavirus. Sindh leads the tally with 11,480 cases, followed by Punjab with 11,093. In Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, 4,509 cases have been reported while 1,935 cases have been reported in Balochistan. Gilgit Baltistan has reported 430, Islamabad has reported 641 and Azad Jammu Kashmir has reported 86 cases so far.
Pakistan ranked to the 20th, spot on the global coronavirus ranking on Sunday after the nationwide tally of confirmed cases crossed 30,334 after Sindh reported 709 new coronavirus cases.

Globally, it is recorded that there are now at least 4,001,437 cases of coronavirus with 277,127 fatalities. Last 24 hours, 13,341 tests have been supervising of which 1,991 again came back positive. In total, 283,517 tests have been conducted in Pakistan so far.

In the US ( United States) the country with the highest death toll, more than 20 million people have lost their jobs. The United States has recorded the hardest-hit country, with 1,305,544 cases and 78,618 deaths.
Europe is the hardest-hit continent, with 1,708,648 cases and 155,074 fatalities.
The latest count of coronavirus cases of Pakistan as of 10 May 2020.

Here is the breakdown of active cases of coronavirus in Pakistan.

  • Baluchistan has reported:1,669
  • Sindh has reported:9,210
  • Punjab has reported:6,661
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has reported:3,298
  • Islamabad has reported:564

The number is coming to further increase later in the day as other provinces and regions begin announcing their respective results.

The situation is going worst day by day. Imran Khan says that to be able to fight back against the coronavirus we must have to stick as a nation to the SOPs. the instructions being given by the Centre and the provinces to regulate public life. Those who would act on them will be far fewer than the majority that would break them.

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