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19 Oct 2020

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Pakistan is in danger?But why ? Due to coronavirus cases ? :
Pakistan is in danger

Pakistan is in danger?But why ? Due to coronavirus cases ? : 

Pakistan is in danger? The coronavirus pandemic outbreak is still there. Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Planning Development and special initiative Asad Umar said that the world is appreciating the smart lockdown policy of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, which remained successful in containing the spread of coronavirus. But Pakistan is not free from COVID -19.
Prime minister Imran khan lauded by the world great leaders due to his smart strategy of ‘smart lockdown’. The Microsoft owner, bill gates, and UNGA President-elect Volkan Bozkir appreciate Imran khan policy.

However, since the smart lockdown imposed The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan decreasing, but still Pakistan is in danger because the country is not in a position to declare from Covid-19 free.

NCOC teams are visiting provinces:

The federal Minister for Planning Development and special initiative Asad Umar urged people to follow standards operating procedures ( SOPs ). Asad Umar warned the nation of another rise of the coronavirus cases He further added that the national command and control center (NCOC )teams are visiting provinces to create more awareness about the dangerous virus.

Restaurants, picnic spots, parks hotels are open now :

Pakistan Government announced the opening of restaurants, cinemas gym, picnic spots hotels, and parks. Federal Minister for Planning, Development Asad Umar revealed on Thursday that restrictions on the restaurant dine-in, picnic spots, cinemas gym would be lifted from 10 August 2020.

Pakistan is in danger? recreational sectors are also open now:

However, the recreational sector, which includes public parks, theatres, cinemas, amusement parks are also open now. Asad Umar declare that SOPs should follow strictly.

The nation should take care because the coronavirus threat has not gone away. The current situation has much improved because of the government work out a clear strategy that was implemented by the administrative machinery.

Pakistan is in danger? Minister appeal to the nation that everything is open now. The recreational sectors, restaurants dine-in except for educational institutions. So people have to take more precautionary measures than before.

Pakistan’s Educational institutions will open from 15 September 2020:

Focusing on the decision taken regarding the education sector, the minister said that educational institutions will open from September 15, 2020. Moreover, the final announcement will be carried out on September 7, 2020.
The decision right now is to open all the educational institutions from September 15.2020.

The government imposed SOPs :

The government has announced the SOPs for the restaurants and dine in.
1: Make sure to have antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers with you when going out to dine in .avoid touching doors and furniture unnecessarily with hands.
2: maintain social distance. wearing of masks to be mandatory for customers and restaurant members.
3: restaurants to take the temperature of every single customer.

Make sure Not going to the restaurants on the weekend. If you dine out during the week, not only are you avoiding the risk and keeping yourself safe but also doing a service to the nation. If all procedures will follow correctly soon Pakistan will be free from COVID 19. Then Pakistan will be no more in danger.

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