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02 Dec 2020

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Pakistan coronavirus update May 14, 2020
Pakistan coronavirus update May 14, 2020

Pakistan coronavirus update May 14, 2020 

In Pakistan coronavirus death tally reaches 770 on Thursday, (NCOC) national command operation center said, the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has ascended to 35,778 as 1,452 new cases of the infection were reported in last twenty-four hours.

COVID -19 active cases:

According to the latest count of coronavirus cases in Pakistan as of May 14, 2020.
Here is the breakdown of active cases in the country.
Baluchistan has reported : 1,886.
Sindh has reported: 10,272.
Punjab has reported: 8,712.
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has reported:3,585
Azad Jammu Kashmir has reported: 21
Gilgit Baltistan has reported: 141
According to the national command operation center said, record 13,051 tests went throughout in the country in the last twenty-four hours to discover the virus.  The total number of tests conducted so far in Pakistan is 3,30,750.

COVID -19 death’s number 770 in Pakistan:

The new deaths reached 33 including Sindh reporting almost half or 16 deaths during the past 24 hours. With 33 more deaths nationwide in the last twenty- four hours. The total number of deaths due to coronavirus pandemic was recorded at 770.

SOPs standard operation procedure, sent to the provinces:
On Wednesday, The federal government had sent standard operating procedures (SOPs) to the provinces to be implemented during Ramazan and Eidul Fitr in the middle of COVID-19 partial lockdown.

The precautionary measures had been concluding for the remaining days of Ramazan and the upcoming occasion of Eidul Fitr during Tuesday’s session of ( NCOC) National Command and Operation Centre.
The provincial governments have strictly order to certify severe implementation of the SOPs to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic Disease.

Quarantined cases:

The total number of separate quarantined patents at home in Punjab is near about 2,790 cases as compared to 8,840 patients that are home quarantined in Sindh. Another 3,013 cases are home quarantined in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while 1,855 positive cases are home quarantined in Balochistan.

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