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24 Oct 2020

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Noman Ijaz incongruous statement blaze the people

Noman Ijaz incongruous statement blaze the people 

Noman Ijaz the popular Pakistani tv actor recently said incongruous statements that blaze the people. However, During an interview on “Say it All with Iffat Omar”, the Rehai actor spoke about love and betrayal. And he also confessed that his wife is totally unaware of him cheating on her.
Noman Ijaz acting is praise and highly appreciated. Pakistan’s television star has left people in shock. Moreover, after his statement got light Twitter blaze after he proudly accepting of having extramarital affairs and ‘cleverly’ hiding them from his wife.

During an interview with “Say it all with Iffat Omar “. Noman says I fall in love with those girls who are beautiful from inside and outside. Noman Ijaz this clip went viral on social media.
The actor further explains that he is intelligent and smart that his wife doesn’t even know about his affairs thing. Even though Husbands of the women I date don’t find out either and the feelings between the women and I are mostly reciprocated’. Noman Ijaz added.

His statement shock the host ( Iffat Omar) in reply She said l need to learn a few things from you I guess.

Noman Ijaz thoughts for #Metoo movement

In addition, all the Social media users were quick to burst out at the veteran actor. Over the incongruous statement given by him recently. Noman also answered the most controversial topic about the #MeToo movement.
Iffat Omar asked him what his reviews about #Metoo movements. He replied, given his remarked about the global movement against sexual harassment. He says it’s dangerous. It is used as a weapon. The #MeToo movement is happening just because people are getting separated from (deen )religion.

After his insensible thoughts came out. People lashed out. And expressed sadness over his statements. Because Noman Ijaz is a very senior accomplished actor. this coming from him as something to feel sad and shocked.

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