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25 Nov 2020

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Nissan is Killing the Datsun Go Project Globally

Nissan is Killing the Datsun Go Project Globally 


Japanese auto giant, Nissan has announced that it is going to stop producing the Datsun brand in Indonesia. It’s been a few months that they are selling there already manufactured units. They are going to clear old manufactured units that are ready to sell in inventory.
Last year the company set a huge benchmark, but they were able to sell only 7000.
The sales were way too low than the company had expected. Now
in 2020 the company decided to reduce the number of units.
In Indonesia Datsun brand included the 2 new variants Go Plus and the Go Cross. A few years ago they announced that they are going to start producing cars in different phases. Because of this production barrier,
The chances of their manufacturing in different countries are getting low.

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