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24 Oct 2020

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Netizens lashes out angered to Nida Yasir but why?
Nida yasir good morning show

Netizens lashes out angered to Nida Yasir but why? 

Netizens lash out extreme anger to Nida Yasir, who hosts the good morning Pakistan show daily. However, Nida Yasir’s Good Morning Pakistan is still making headlines for all the wrong reasons. She had recieved much criticism before for unconventional things she did on her show.despite all the criticism she receives.she is still doing such things.

However, the recent incident of Marwah’s little girl. She had raped murdered and burned. Nation protests surrounding the anti-rape movement. However, Nid Yasir’s desire for ratings thought it was a good idea to invite Marwah’s parents on the show. and probe them at length about the murder of their innocent child.

#ban good morning show trending on twitter

After such an insensitive question with victims’ parents. # ban Nida Yasir started trending on Twitter. She asked insensitive questions. How did you identify her? she was wearing the same trouser? How did you find out she had been raped?
How cruel is that? How can one ask such silly questions? The victim’s mother sobbed and the father trying to recall the scene of all and narrate them on national television.

What kind of entertainment is this?

Nitezns lashed out at Nida Yasir. They want the good morning Pakistan banned immediately. Crossing all boundaries of humanity. Ratings for show are more important than humanity?. the audience is more serious this time, the audience clearly states that they will not tolerate such behavior anymore.

netizens reaction

Moreover, During the entire show, the parents struggled to find words to describe their loss. but even that didn’t stop Host from trying to question and getting details of the heinous act. 
Now Nida Yasir is under fire. She is facing major angered for running after ratings and netizens demand a ban on Nida Yasir show. She thought making the family relive the pain, just for the sake of her show’s entertainment and ratings.

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