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02 Dec 2020

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Neighbor killed another neighbor in a dispute over water
Neighbor killed

Neighbor killed another neighbor in a dispute over water 

In Jolistan Johor Bhattiabad’s two neighbors were stabbed to death. The reason behind the fight is a water dispute in Karachi.

In Karachi, A neighbor killed his neighbor in Karachi and killed him with a knife. According to the report of Police, the dead body was found near the last station of Route No D-3 bus that was killed with a knife.

Police also stated that the dead body has been shifted to the Al-Shaheed Al-Abbasi Hospital by Eddie’s ambulance.  The police also revealed that the name of the dead body was Jan Muhammad. Jan Muhammad was 25 years old.

Remember that: this is not the first case of Neighbor killed another neighbor in Pakistan.

The victim was killed by Wasim Khoso, son of Zulfiqar Khoso, a resident of the house in front of the victim.  He killed the victim during the dispute over the water supply. The police arrested the accused, Wasim Khoso, and found the weapon by which he killed Jan Muhammad. The accident is being investigated by the local police of the related police station.

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