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04 Dec 2020

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Monal restaurant Islamabad will soon close
Monal restaurant

Monal restaurant Islamabad will soon close 

Islamabad: Monal restaurant will soon close in Islamabad. The very famous Monal Restaurant in Islamabad is going to be forever closed along with other commercial and business activities in the heart of Margallah Hills National Park as stated by the Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul.
However, in a recent interview Zartaj Gul said that Monal restaurant is going to close because it is against the law as no construction or any other business activity is allowed in the Margallah Hills National Parks.

In addition minister for climate change declared that Monal restaurant would be no more in the future. It will demolish soon. The government has taken a very strict decision against any sort of construction or business activities in the National Park.

Monal restaurant was once sealed but why?

In May 2020 Monal restaurant was sealed. Because the management of the famous hotel started chopping down trees for its expansion.
The Minister of climate change said that the government will not only oppose construction in national parks. But will also demolish the other commercial activities to restore the Margalla hill’s environmental beauty.

However, Imran Khan said that the government is focusing on preserving the 15 national parks across Pakistan. Along with the completion of the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project that has increased the country’s total forest cover from 4% to 6% in the last 2 years.

Commercial activities in the national parks are banned now. Because they earn enough but are not directing enough funds under the Corporate Social Responsibility occurrence for the preservation and restoration of these national parks.
Moreover, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has already issued notice to stop commercial activities in Margalla Hills National Park Area.

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