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24 Oct 2020

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Mini Power bank of 10,000 mAh which equals to credit card
Mini Power bank

Mini Power bank of 10,000 mAh which equals to credit card 

Hong Kong designs a Mini Power bank of 10,000 mAh which equals a credit card. This is one of the best innovations of 2020 by Hong Kong.  Hong Kong made such an innovation which is unbelievable for a person.

Do you ever think that you will pick a credit-card-sized charger with a capacity of 10,000 mAh in your pockets instead of a huge, long-term power bank?

Remember that: with the help of this credit-card-sized power bank, your large smartphone can survive for more than three days. And for this, we should thank this.

This innovation is named a Super Mini power bank because of its small size and its backup time. This power bank can provide 18 watts of electricity for two to three days constantly.

Charging time of this Mini Power bank

Following are the estimated charging time of different smartphones with the function of fast charging:

  • Half of the iPhone X battery can be charged in just 30 minutes
  • The fast charging of Samsung is also near this figure.

After the half charging this credit card-sized charger has the capacity to charge the Smartphone for several days.

The best thing is, the size of this innovation is easy to hold in your hand. Another thing is, the size is 30% less than a traditional device but the capacity of this Super Mini device is more than 50% more.

One of the best features of this Super Mini power bank is, the phone is fully charged in three hours. As we know that a traditional power bank takes up to five hours. We all should thanks USBBC for this great innovation to the entire world.

Colors of Power bank

 Super Mini power bank has been launched in three colors. All of them are attracted and decent colors to the human eye.

Following are the small and wearable devices which can be charge from this

  • Mini-games
  • Smartwatches
  • Smartphones
  • And many more

One of the good news regarding this smart power bank is, after crowdfunding and other all levels this superpower bank is being sold worldwide. The price of this Mini Power bank whose size is not more than a credit card ranges from 34 to 70 dollars.

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