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30 Nov 2020

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Miandad is not happy with PM Imran khan. But why?
Miandad is not happy from PM
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Miandad is not happy with PM Imran khan. But why? 

Miandad is not happy with PM Imran khan. The former cricketer Javed Miandad expressed his anger towards Imran khan. Miandad said
that his teammate and current Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has ruined the sport in his country.according to Javed Miandad The current officials appointed in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have no sense of knowledge and they have destroyed the game.
However, Miandad claimed on his official youtube channel that our prime minister Imran khan the country’s prime minister Imran Khan brings outsiders to the Pakistan Cricket Board. Which destroyed the whole sport. He expresses anger towards Imran Khan for prioritizing people from abroad, rather than his own countrymen.

Undeserving people are running PCB:

Miandad is not happy from PM As well as with the current situation.

“I made him prime minister “

Javed Miandad uttered he made Imran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan. But it seems that Imran Khan has lost his way. Miandad declared that undeserving people are running (PCB)Pakistan Cricket Board.

Miandad is unhappy with Pm.he said that Pakistan has enough talented people. and there is no need to hire people from abroad to run the affairs of the Pakistan cricket board.
He gives friendly advice to the Pakistan cricket team. Pakistani team should sort out their mistakes in the coming matches. it will really help them in coming matches. Pakistan hasn’t lost the Test series yet. however, winning and losing are a part of every sport. just learn from mistakes and move forward for better performance.

Miandad criticizes Sarfaraz Ahmed :

The former legendary cricketer batsman praised the Pakistan Army for keeping the country together. Javed Miandad criticized the ill-treatment of Sarfaraz Ahmed in the first test match between Pakistan and England.

What’s the clash between Miandad and Imran khan?

Undoubtedly, Imran khan and Miandad were amongst the greatest cricketers produced by Pakistan. Both had great bonding and remarkable partnerships during their earlier playing days. Even at the 1992 World Cup ground the final against England. The duo combined for a 139-run stand after early losses that resulted in the nation’s first-ever World Cup victory.

His major conflict with Imran khan is that PCB does not know actually how to run the sport.
he wanted to speak to Imran Khan about this and condemn Wasim Khan as the CEO. He is a foreigner. PM should elect someone from the country.

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