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25 Nov 2020

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Massive fire break in Sharjah building
massive fire break in Sharjah

Massive fire break in Sharjah building 

Massive fire breaks out in a high-rise popular residential tower in Sharjah’s Al- Nahda area.
An official report with the Sharjah Civil Defence has confirmed the news that However there are no causalities reported yet.
It is informed that civil defense received an emergency call at 9.40 pm about the fire and teams from all fire stations in the emirate were dispatched to participate in saturating the fire. He said that the fire started on the lower floors immediately spread up, immerse the whole building. Dubai based Khaleej times reported.

According to the source, at least five buildings close by moved out by the authorities as they raced to contain the fire. A large number of cars were damaged due to detritus falling from the high above.
In a massive fire break in Sharjah, Some of the eyewitnesses, the fire clean 48-storied Abbco Building, next to Taj Bangalore restaurant, in the night. Residents were moved out by the authorities. Detritus were seen flying around as the fire was spreading, eyewitnesses added.

civil defense has managed to bring the fire under control.

Author: Abdul Rahman

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