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19 Oct 2020

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Maryam Nawaz son and Saif al-Rahman daughter are going to get married
Maryam Nawaz son

Maryam Nawaz son and Saif al-Rahman daughter are going to get married 

The relation was established between Maryam’s son Nawaz and Saif al-Rahman’s daughter. The relation of the grandson of the former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the son of Maryam Nawaz Junaid Safdar has been establishing with the daughter of Senator Saif ur Rahman.

According to the sources of Pakistan news, Junaid Safdar who is the son of Maryam Nawaz has an affair of Senator Saif Ur Rahman’s daughter for many years.

Remember that: Saif Ur Rahman was the head of National Accounting beauro.  And especially he was one of the close friends of Ex Pakistan Prime minister Nawaz Sharif. There are multiple parties including PPP who blamed Saif ur Rahman for filing a corruption case against his leadership. One more thing he was also a wanted criminal for torture and trial against political opponents.

Remember that: Most of the children of Political parities members get married to the children of political members.

Maryam Nawaz son
Maryam Nawaz son

Junaid Safdar was also suspicious in multiple cases in Pakistan court. Maryam Nawaz and Saif al-Rahman were also suspicious in money laundering and other criminal cases in Pakistan.

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