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04 Dec 2020

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Coronavirus: lockdown extends till 15 August in Sindh
lockdown extends

Coronavirus: lockdown extends till 15 August in Sindh 

Coronavirus: lockdown extends till 15 August 2020 in Sindh. The announcement comes out with a circular published by the Sindh Home Department on Thursday in which it was announced that the decision had been kept after holding discussions with the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) and when it was decided to extend the lockdown at the previous council.

However, The Sindh government had earlier extended the smart lockdown and imposed smart lockdown in many cities of the province to July 15. likewise, smart lockdown extended till August 15 in is imposed on amid coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Smart lockdown extends in Karachi till August 15.

The following are the timing and precautionary measures conditions: Five days per week except for medical stores and essentials services.

  1. Hotels, restaurants, cafes open from morning to evening (6 am, 7 pm). Dine-in will not be allowed. Take away and home delivery allowed.
  2. Home delivery only (7 pm to 11 pm)
  3. Take away and home delivery (6 am to 7m).
  4. Wear face Mask when coming out for public places.
  5. Strictly follow SOPs at offices and workplaces
  6. Use hand sanitizer frequently
  7. Maintain 3 feet distance between people every time.
  8. Avoid coming out of home after 7 pm.
  9. Followed the instructions given by the federal government.

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