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30 Nov 2020

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Karachi still suffers from Rain disaster
Karachi still suffers from rain flood

Karachi still suffers from Rain disaster 

KARACHI: Karachi still suffers from rain disaster. However, last week Karachi has received a record amount of rainfall for 90 years. The fifth spell of monsoon breaks the 90 years of record in Karachi. City Experiencing the worst floods, several people have lost their lives, several properties have been damaged due to water floods.

It’s a very crucial time for citizens of Karachi. affected areas are going through difficult times.. They still suffer the havoc of monsoon. City, its people are under severe pain.

Worst monsoon ever in the history of Karachi:

However heavy rainfall in the previous month leads massive destruction to drowning, electrocution, as well as the house , landslides, and wall collapses. However, 20 districts of Sindh province which Karachi is the capital have been declared ‘calamity affected’.
People are raising voices against the government and their poor management. The last monsoon spell left most parts of Karachi into darkness. Most of the areas went without electricity for 50 hours. mobile phone networks were disabled all over The city. Karachi still suffers from rainwater miseries. People are asking what kind of services is this?

Global warming, climate changes

However, June, July, August, and September are months of monsoon rains in Pakistan. Says the Pakistan Meteorological Department. It rained heavy downpours in August and left the city into miseries.
Due to the effect of global warming on the water cycle. Climate is changing. In the future, Pakistan will witness more continuous rains in the coming years due to climate changes. Says Imran Khalid.

Karachi still suffers. While Sindh chief minister Murad Ali shah surveyed the city to review the situation after heavy downpours. During his visit, the Sindh minister held meetings with the district administration to review the Karachi situation.
Spokesmen said the chief minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah said that rain-hit masses of the province will not be left alone. The government will help them in every possible matter it can.

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