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24 Oct 2020

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Karachi needs attention after rain destruction
Karachi needs attention

Karachi needs attention after rain destruction 

KARACHI needs attention after massive rain destruction. However, citizens are done in ongoing situations. All the social networking websites, Twitter, Instagram Facebook all are filled with Karachi’s situation. Pakistan former captain Shahid Afridi tweeted, said that Karachi has devastated by rain and flooding, people are drowning, streets are overflowing with gutters. The garbage is everywhere in towns in the metropolis. He further said that prolonged load-shedding multiplied the problems of Karachiites.

Karachi needs attention to become a hashtag and it is trending on twitter

Worst ever situation is happening in big city Karachi. No one cares. No one is showing any concern responsible for this worst situation in the metropolis.
Shahid Afridi Expressing his grief he said that keeping silence over the situation was equal to the crime.
Shahid Afridi said ‘ We pay taxes but what responsibility does the management fulfill in return? Who will punish those who turned the city into a city of garbage? He raised some important questions! He asked for justice for Karachi.

This time Karachi rains break the 90- year old records. The situation is worst than imagination. Power failure, landslides, roads underwater, nullahs are overflowing. Since Monday the continuous rain block the roads of the port city had turned into waterways. The fifth spell of light to heavy rainfall for 12 hours has to stop normal life.

Residents of affected areas are weeping

Karachi needs attention. The government should do something to back normal things as soon as possible. Because PMD predicts more rain in Karachi. However, due to heavy downpours, Several main roads and streets in Karachi resemble nullahs and drains after the rainfall as three to four feet of water standing in North Karachi, Nazimabad, Nagan Chowrangi, Surjani town.

Garbage, overflowing nullahs, landslides, crocodiles, fishes turned Karachi into worst condition. The city was facing a situation of urban flooding, as knee-long rainwater gathered most of the areas.

Due to over feet water, People waiting at several places after several cars, motorbikes and rickshaws turned off in rainwater.

Citizens raising their voices. Pak army doing their work.

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