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19 Oct 2020

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Pakistani actor/singer Junaid khan pays tribute to legend Mehdi Hassan
Junaid khan

Pakistani actor/singer Junaid khan pays tribute to legend Mehdi Hassan 

Pakistani actor/singer pays tribute to legend Mehdi Hassan on his 91st birthday anniversary. Junaid khan is the popular Pakistani singer he has great vocal talent. He is best known for his music albums like Dhoom, Jilawatan, during the pandemic period he just comes out with a cover of late legendary Mehdi Hassan’s gazal ( Zindagi ma to sab hi ).

Junaid khan wanted to pay tribute to late legendary singer Mehdi Hassan on his death anniversary. Junaid prepare the cover in coronavirus pandemic lockdown and realized it on his official channel on youtube.
Actor/singer multi-talented Junaid khan Khan does his best to give the cover an original take and that’s just how we like our covers, with a new unique exposition that still pays huge respect to the original.

Moreover, Junaid expressed his thought said that In Pakistan, there are hardly some vocalists that He’s so inspired from, he added Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Mehdi Hassan are two names that are always on top. Their voices, vocals, texture, tone, and expression, Everything is commendable. And khan has always been a great fan of.

In addition, he explained about this song. This track by Mehdi Hassan is one Of his favorite. The expression, the lyrics, the melody to the way Mehdi Hassan sang it, khan said it has always been really inspiring.
The singer said He can’t even think of matching the skill set of his. But he thought that as a respectful tribute. Therefore Junaid khan thought to do this song in his own is still cherished by the people of Pakistan.
He added that he did this cover because he is a great fan of legend Mehdi Hassan.

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