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02 Dec 2020

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Japan Extends State of Emergency until May 31st
Japan extends state of emergency

Japan Extends State of Emergency until May 31st 

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced that he’s extending his
Japan’s COVID19 state of emergency until the end of May much of Japan
has been under lockdown restrictions.

Since the 7th of April with people told to stay at home. It’s been expected for the last few days. But what it means is that most of Japan will remain in this state of emergency for another month.

Some places with very low rates of infection may be allowed
to loosen a little bit of open public libraries. They will open some
public facilities and Parks places like Tokyo Osaka. The big urban areas
in Japan will remain under this state of emergency.

Everything has slowed down here dramatically in the last few weeks and of course, that’s affecting the economy hundreds of thousands of people out of work staying at home.

They are not able to earn a salary so this extension of another month is bad news for all of those people, also bad news for the Japanese economy. But it is deemed necessary by the scientific advisors. Advising Prime Minister Abe in his cabinet.

Now the reason is that the number of infections is still considered to be a threat to the Japanese healthcare system. 15,000 infections confirmed overall.

Around 550 deaths so far which is way lower than most countries. that have been badly affected in Europe and UK North America. But it is the ratio of infections to beds and ICU beds in particular in hospital

Author: Yaseen Ahmad

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