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25 Nov 2020

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Interdistrict transport is now allowed to travel under SOPs
interdistrict transport

Interdistrict transport is now allowed to travel under SOPs 

Interdistrict transport is now allowed to travel under all the Standard operating procedures (SOPs). The Sindh government allowed the resumption of inter-district transport in the province on 3 July 2020, under Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Notification issued in this regard on Friday, the easing of the ban is conditional and it is very important to implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) in all passenger buses.
However, notification states all traveling passengers must maintain a distance of three feet from each other, they must wear face masks and hand sanitizers while in the buses, and coaches.

Bus drivers, conductors including passengers Wear masks and hand gloves are necessary the notification said. However, the ban on inter-provincial public transport remains in place. The Sindh minister Owais Shah directive transporters will have to follow government implementation of SOPs if none of these implementations followed strict action will be taken against transporters.
Interdistrict transport resumption under SOPs. This decision is done after communication with Sindh transport minister Owais shah.

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