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30 Nov 2020

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Indian news channels have been banned by Nepal Government
Indian news channels

Indian news channels have been banned by Nepal Government 

Nepal has banned all Indian news channels after their objectionable news against the Nepalese Prime Minister. Cables and satellite television service providers also follow the strict orders by the authorization of the Nepal Government. They immediately ban all the Indian news channels after they ran false news.

Remember that: Indian news channels propaganda is only to air false news against their Government and their Prime minister. They were continuously airing objectionable content and false-negative propaganda against them.

Remember that: India is already involved in many negative activities in Nepal. According to the sources, the Nepal Prime Minister personally banned these channels.

General Chairman of a private TV channel says after knowing such negative activities form them it is our moral duty to stop them. He also says it is our duty to stop our nation by seeing these negative channels.

Remember that: Multiple Dish Media Networks also shut down Indian TV channels

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